My mother’s last home

I recommend Sunshine Assistance Living without hesitation as the best place you will find in Northern Virginia for the care of your loved one. I recommend Sunshine Assistance Living above all others not just for the excellent treatment, love,and respect, but because you will be treated as family. I am sure you will receive the same response and recommendation from the other families with loved ones at the home.

Unfortunately, my mother pass away back in September 2021. At the end of 2018, my family decided to move my mother from Florida to Virginia. At that time my sister and I were both living in Northern Virginia. My mother was living with my brother in Florida.

We visited over 30 homes and facilities in Florida and Northern Virginia that could provide the care my mother needed. My mother was diagnosed with dementia, so she needed 24/7 care. During our facility search, we came across all source of facilities. None of them were good enough for us to put our mother in. They varied in costs from $3,500.00 to $10,000.00 per month. The facilities we visited went from overcrowding, to lack of cleanliness, to unbearable smells, to no activity, to the resident just sitting in common areas without anyone lookingover them, to empty glamour that did not fulfill our expectations. I strongly recommend that you research over 10 other homes, you will understand what I am talking about.

At the beginning of 2019 we came across Alexandria Assistance Livings, (the previous name of the facility.) It was the perfect place we were looking for our mother. You will feel the sensation that you found the place for your loved one when you see it. At that time,they had only one other lady at the facility, Lila. Sometime later Mary arrived.

I will mention why we found the perfect accommodation in Alexandria Assistance Living for my mother by mentioning justfive of the thousand reasons:

Care. They provide an excellent care to all the ladies in the house. You are consulted in every decision, and they will guide you to the task of getting medical care in the area for your loved one.

Cleanliness. I visited the home at least once a week, at different times of the day. I did not witness even one occasion where the house was not neatly clean. Notonce in my many visits did I witness my mom or any of the other ladies with the smell of urine, sweat, or lookingdirty and/or unclean.

Treatment. I witness the love and real concern and care for my mother and the rest of the ladies at the facility. My mother was always clean, neatly dress, and neverdid I feel my mother was not treated with respect, love,and a lot of compassion. It takes very special human beings to care for dementia patients. Ana and the rest of the caregivers Elani, Erica and Kelem are very special people.

Activities. Tigist (the owner)took the ladies on road trips, shopping and out to drink coffee and enjoy sweets at a cafe nearby. They had the hair and nails done at the home by Ana. They celebrated the Holidays, Thanksgivings, Valentine’s Day and each one of the ladies’ birthdays among other activities. You and your Family are invited to participate in all their activities.

Accommodation. My mother had her own room with plenty of space. She had all her decorations, closet and room neatly arrange each morning. She had the room decorated with family photos and memories, not just in her room, but some of them were placed in other places around the house.
I will always have but love and respect for all the caregivers because of the way they treated my mother at the house. She was part of their family. My mother’s last three years were happy and full of love and compassion all thanks to the love and care she received from all of them. My mother was truly at home.

Jorge Diaz

My mother was a resident at Sunshine Assisted Living for 3 years and received exceptional care. We were incredibly lucky to have found Tigist(owner) and staff and had a wonderful experience. 

The owner, Tigist is patient, kind, and full of energy. She, Ana, and the rest of the staff go above and beyond to not only provide care to the residents, but to get to know each resident on a personal level. 

Tigist, as a nurse with many years of experience, is extremely knowledgeable about medical issues. The staff is also incredibly attentive. My mother had two medical emergencies while she was there, and the staff immediately recognized the issue and got her appropriate care; they also nursed her back to health during both of these recoveries. 

The house was always spotless and homey. They served delicious, home-cooked, healthy meals, which meant my mother never lost her appreciation for good food and was always well nourished. Tigist was always so welcoming to our family, having even our extended family (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren) over for holidays and birthday parties. Sunshine Assisted Living  is truly a special place.   I highly recommend Sunshine for your loved one. 

Maureen, Silver  Spring MD 

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